Friday, August 3, 2012

Kitchen Dances Grand Opening!

I'm very excited to announce the grand opening of a new vegan restaurant here in Portland, OR! Kitchen Dances opens officially today, August 3rd, offering some of the best vegan food I've probably ever tasted... Here's what they have to say:
Kitchen Dances founders Piper and Mandy
"Kitchen Dances fuses seasonal, Northwest grown produce, fruits and
nuts with vegan cuisine. We believe that vegan food should address a
multitude of issues including: labor rights, community economics,
water and soil health as well as plant, animal and human health. We
strive to make vegan food affordable and accessible to all. Opening on
Friday August 3rd at Mile Post 5 located at 850 ne 81st ave. we will
be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 9 am to 10pm. Besides our
regular daily menu, we will feature, soups, salads, daily specials,
desserts, Stumptown coffee, smoothies and a full bar.
We were the winners of Portland Vegan Iron Chef 2011 and currently
offer our products at People's Co-op, Alberta Co-op, Papa G's Organic
Deli, Yoga Union and A.N.D. cafe."
The food is amazing, the people who run it are even better! Bringing clean, healthy, sustainable vegan food to the Montavilla area of Portland. Well worth the trip, order anything on the menu and you wont leave disappointed. Yes, it's really that good! haha ;)

Hoping to snag myself a tempeh Reuben this evening for dinner, hopefully I'll see you there!

later, E

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  1. Feeling so blessed to be the first to comment on these great tasty recipes...all the recipes are looking so yummy & the chef is looking very nice and happy in the photo..


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