Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trip to Fubon's Market

Last Sunday D and I took a trip to Fubon's, which is a large Asian supermarket  here in Portland. We love this place for it's affordable rice and produce department stocked with hard to find exotic fruits, mushrooms and vegetables. Here are a few pictures of interesting things we found whilst shopping...

Rice is much cheaper by the big bag, and is a staple grain in my house! 
YUM! Lychee are so delicious! Hard to find in stores... your best bet will be your local Asian market...
Lime leaves. I've never used them before; I imagine they'd be a great addition to a curry dish...
Indian bitter melon... we didn't buy any, but is sure is funky looking!

fresh Ginko nuts
We did buy these! Very few ingredients and all natural... I'll use 'em in a recipe soon. :)
dried white fungus. There were so many different kinds of dried mushrooms... worth further exploration...
They've got a pretty decent selection of sake too!
We got these for the ride home. Local, vegan, gluten free and so so tasty!
We'll definitely be back soon. They've also got a wide selection of cooking tools and dishes, like udon bowls and tea cups... We even purchased our rice cooker here! If you live in Portland, I suggest checking it out. Don't be afraid to try something new, and give yourself time to explore...

  • I've got dreadlocks! So, no more afro, haha... pics will be posted soon :)
  • I'll be blogging recipes more frequently; any suggestions on meals or dishes you'd like to see "veganized"? Leave it in the comments below.
  • I recently posted a recipe on tumblr for a homemade herbal dreadlock/natural hair cleaser. For the recipe and full directions click here.
I hope you have a wonderful day, later gater! xx EA


  1. I'm beginning a 72 hours water fast tomorrow, I would love to see recipes for beginner vegans.

  2. Vegan chili for the upcoming cooler months and the recipe for that tortilla soup that you posted on kitchen dances instagram

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