Saturday, December 31, 2011

What's for dinner #3

Asian-inspired vegan wraps, with ecoVegan Blissful Bits!

After a busy day of photoshootin' & pattern making yesterday, all I wanted for dinner was something clean, fast and delicious. By now everyone knows I'm a big fan of the wrap; think of this recipe as your favorite Asian takeout dish- made vegan, healthy and portable. :)

What you'll need:
  • whole wheat or sprouted grain tortillas
  • sprouted brown rice (or whatever kind of rice is available to you)
  • broccolini (regular broccoli will do too, this is just what I have right now)
  • ecoVegan Blissful Bits
  • organic beansprouts
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • seasonings: garlic, ginger, sea salt & black pepper
  • two cooking pans & a rice cooker or large lidded pot


*assuming you've already cooked your rice via your method of choice.
  • in one pan, cook the Blissful Bits as per the directions on the package
  • in your second pan, add 2 tbs of EVOO at med-high heat
  • add the broccoli and season to taste (or any veggies, get creative!)
  • continue to saute over med-high heat until just lightly cooked.
  • add the rice, cooked veggies and Blissful Bits to your tortilla
  • Top with fresh beansprouts for a crisp, fresh contrast of flavor
  • wrap & enjoy! :)
This meal was a big hit with my guy, was hearty enough to leave me feeling satisfied for the night, and the Blissful Bits were so flavorful on their own, it didn't need any additional sauces (which really cuts the fat and calories)...

If you want a chance to try ecoVegan Blissful Bits for yourself, tomorrow is the last day to enter the ecoVegan New Year Giveaway I'm currently hosting! Three people will win Blissful Bits samples; winners are announced Monday, January 2nd. :)

And don't forget...
Cardamom will re-open for business tomorrow morning at 10:00am!



  1. Your vengan dish is very awesome as far as the taste is concerned...It is really very easy to prepare and ready to serve...thanks for your recipe..!!!

  2. Happy to see you are also spreading the word about homemade food! Thanks for using the Stage .

  3. This recipe really looks quite tasty and healthy too....this vegan have high touch of Asia...simply Great!

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