Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Cardamom Christmas Giveaway!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... and what better way to kick of the holiday season, than with a Cardamom Handmade giveaway!

From now until December 11th, you can enter for a chance win one (1) signature Circle Chain Scarf in your favorite color, beautifully gift wrapped and delivered to your home by Christmas...

How to enter:
  • Visit my shop Cardamom Handmade, then come back and leave a comment telling my how you'd rock the Circle Chain Scarf. *Please be sure to leave your name and email address in the comment, or another way to contact you if you win!*
Ways to earn extra entries:
(remember to leave a separate comment for each entry, other wise it won't be counted!)
Entry for this giveaway ends Sunday, December 11th...

Good luck! <3


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  2. I just came back from thrifting and I got this amazing light pink fitted blouse with vertical white stripes and big roses all over it. I would rock your circle scarf with that and high waisted pants. I live near the ocean, so scarves are an all year long must!

  3. Hey :) My Name Is Nayda ( Nay - Duh )
    My Email Is
    Or You Could Contact Me Via Tumblr

    Hmm How Would I Rock The Circle Chain Scarf... First Off Id Wear It Layered :) Im Thinking About Putting It Over A Floral Patterned V Neck Tank Top That I Just Purchased From A Local Thrift Store .Along With Some Dark Skinny Legged Jeans And Probably Throw On My Doc Martins . I Live In Florida Where The Weather Is Bipolar, It Might Be Cold One Minute And Warm The Next . Ive Also Fallen In Love With Your " Super Scarf " Which I Might Beg My Boyfriend To Buy Lol .

  4. Followed You On Twitter And Retweeted You Also

  5. Became A Fan On Facebook ( Panda Bee )

  6. I would love to have one of your chain scarves, to be honest i don't have $20-30 so yeah and it complete my winter wardrobe and they're stylish, yeah it'd be really nice to win one. I'd wear the cream chain scarf with my pine pine green jacket, or even without the jacket just a plain black long sleeved shirt and showing one shoulder, with regular jeans and boots. Other times i'd probably double the scarf around my neck if its still a little loose on my neck : )
    Kemi Savage

  7. Tweeted :)!/PandaHighTimes/status/140602379795038210

  8. Followed On Tumblr :) ( Where I Learned About This Giveaway )

  9. What a lovely giveaway! Your circle scarves are so neat, I'd wear mine all through winter and into spring. I think it'd look best with a fitted top and knee high boots :)

  10. Hey my name is evelan
    my email is
    i would rock the cream chain scarf with my olive green sweater brown blazer and my brown boots

  11. I'm also a follower of your blog via GFC...and my name's Rimi :)

  12. Hi, I'm Miquella! I'm sure you recognize me by now lol.

    Following you here, on Twitter, liked on FB, and favored on Etsy. :)

  13. I just bought a beautiful vintage looking peacoat a few months ago. It's a coal black color, I thing that a bright red chain scarf would look amazing with it. :)

  14. eek! A give away from you! I'll spare you the hero worship, I'll only say that you're shop is my one of my absolute favorites on etsy. Your work inspires me to pick up my hook and needles and make my own creations, so thank you for that.

    I think the circle chain scarf, the yummy white one, would be perfect double up for bike rides to the market. It wouldn't come unwound like my other scarves and thus wouldn't get in the way. it would go great with a skirt I'm attempting (attempting) to make right now too.

    I also follow you on tumblr, twitter, and FB. My email is, my tumbler is

    Anyways I hope you're doing splendidly.

  15. I have this black velvet jacket that I hardly ever wear because to me, it seems too stiff and business like. I think a circle chain scarf would add some much needed fun and spice to my velvet jacket- enough that I'll probably live in it for the rest of winter.


  16. I already follow your Tumblr & I just started following the blog (Lipstick Love Affair). To be honest a piece like the Circle Chain Scarf is something I would throw on with any and everything. Scarfs have always been my go to accessory. Whenever I feel my outfit needs a little something extra I just add a scarf. I don't like to plan out my outfits. When I do this it looks like I tried too hard. My best outfits come when I have no clue what to wear and little time to figure it out. I end up putting random pieces together that turn out amazing. This scarf would be that one piece I know I could also just grab and add to any outfit!

    I can be contacted at or here on blogspot.

  17. i would wear the scarf with a raglan sweatshirt, leggings, & over the knee black boots & a fedora to top it off
    tiffany tuttle,

  18. Hi!

    I am a HUGE scarf fanatic/collector/aficionado, and would LOVE to add one of your beautiful pieces to my collection. I'd most likely wear your chain scarf to perk up my work outfits during the week, or give my classic, laid back weekend outfits some life! I'm currently following you on Tumblr (meandering musings), I've liked you on FB (Jamie Blackley), and favorite-d you on Etsy (No Twitter for me).

  19. Hello! I'm Stephanie, and I have tried to buy one of your scarves before, but you ran out of the yarn and couldn't find it anywhere else. As a college student, I don't have very much money, so winning a scarf would be pretty cool.

    Seeing as your pieces are so beautiful, I could definitely see myself wearing one on a very regular basis. I'd pair it with nearly everything- a coat and boots, a sweater dress and tights, a t-shirt and jeans...the possibilities are endless!

  20. I follow you on tumblr, too. I love your yoga posts :D

  21. Elizabeth, I can't figure out how to follow you on anything, but I wanna win, lol!! Let's just say all I'd have to do is WEAR one of your circle chain scarvesn to rock it because IT ROCKS ITSELF!!! I'm So Happy for You

    Christie W.

  22. I love your stuff Elizabeth! I would love to give one of your circle chain scarves to my friend Suzanne. She is our fashionista and would totally rock one of your scarves with any number of outfits. Keep up the great work!


  23. I want to win! Good idea Elizabeth, you're so creative. :) My name is Ashley, as you know. My email is And i think you already have my number? But we are friends in real life anyways. :)

  24. I am a follower...What a lovely giveaway!

  25. Wow I just love the colours of your Cardamom Christmas Giveaway really....this is really a great giveaway, I hope I would adjust to win reaaly!!!

  26. This Giveaway is really awesome one to grab....I wish I could manage to win and bag this one.. :)

  27. Circle Chain Scarf is simply awesome one to grab...I am so glad to know the entries route here as I have been looking for this contest for such a long time!


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