Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Brunch: Dessert for breakfast? ;)


  • Apple Streusel Coffee Cakes from the Whole Foods bakery, because quite frankly, I didn't feel like baking/cooking this morning. Super tasty and rather inexpensive if you portion it well. I warmed it in the oven on low for about 10 mins; cinnamon crumblies and apple slices on top, soft sweet cakeyness on the bottom. :)
  • Organic coffee with cream and pure cane sugar
  • The last few sweet strawberries from the container 
Today is Sunday, which means it's the perfect day to allow for a more indulgent brunch. I love making room for sweets and other enjoyable foods in my day, but to stay fit and healthy, I work hard to balance my exercise and other meals accordingly. If I (loosely) plan my meals out in the morning, I never have to stress about snagging a pumpkin latte out, or grabbing some pizza and a beer with Daniel because I know all my bases are covered. 

I'm almost finished with a painting I've been working on, and plan to post to the shop. (did I mention I paint?) I can't wait to share it with you, but I'll be sad to see it go. :')

later gaters,

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