Saturday, September 3, 2011

Brunch: Fancy Eggs and Toast

Brunch today:

- Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread, toasted

- Baby bella mushrooms drizzled with EVOO and garlic, and broiled while I cooked the egg

- One egg cooked in a tiny bit of oil, and finished with water to steam

- Seasoned with red pepper, cracked black pepper and sea salt.

- And of course, Sriracha hot sauce. ;)

I also had a cup of coconut chai black tea, with milk and sugar which was delicious.

In other news, I was shocked/surprised/thrilled this morning, when I woke to find that pictures from my blog have been reblogged and tweeted over 200 times! Crazy haha. Anyway I just wanted to say, you'll notice I've now started adding a watermark to my blog images; not because I don't want you to share them, but because not everyone remembers to credit/link me as the source, and I work hard to create every image. Please, please respect photo credit! If you use an image from my blog, a simple comment letting me know would be great, and a link to the original source. :) Thanks for understanding!

Full day of yoga, ukulele and crafting ahead-
and I'll be posting a uke/singing video this week, stay tuned!


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