Sunday, September 18, 2011

Better pack an umbrella...

From yesterday's wet walk to work

Preparing for day 2 of the Northwest Veg Fest here in Portland. This weekend I've had the privilege of working for Earth Balance! If you don't already know, Earth Balance makes the best "buttery" vegan spread, that's organic AND bakes and cooks just like real butter; a staple in the homes of many compassionate cooks. :) This weekend we're sampling the new organic soymilk. EB soymilk is made with certified non-GMO soybeans, and comes in original, unsweetened, chocolate and vanilla. 

The Earth Balance unsweetened I can say is BY FAR the best unsweetened soymilk I've ever had. Not watery, gritty or "soybean-y" tasting, but creamy, smooth and delicious.

Yesterday I got to meet so many amazing vendors and exhibitors; I can't wait for what day 2 has in store, and I especially can't wait to share it with you!

Happy Sunday,

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