Saturday, August 20, 2011

You are already a yogi. You, yes you!

"Doing yoga" isn't just about twisting up in to a sweaty pretzel, or sitting in meditation for hours (not to de-merit those efforts, but they are impractical for most). "Doing yoga" isn't about feeling pressured to buy the latest-greatest yoga gear, or be thin, or to "be the best" or "win" (which is generally viewed as counter-culture). To truly practice yoga, is to take the time out of your busy schedule for you. To disconnect from angst and stress, and reconnect with the breath, and the self. 
When you look at yoga from this perspective, it's easy to see that you've probably been practicing yoga your whole life, and didn't even know it! Look at you, you little yogi!
  • When you pause the work day to take a breath and stretch, you are practicing yoga.
  • When you lose yourself in a beautiful song, you are practicing yoga.
  • When the sun kisses your face, and you feel warmed from the inside out, you are practicing yoga.
  • When you cry out of joy or laughter, and smile through pain, you are practicing yoga.
  • When you share a meal of wholesome ingredients with the ones you love, you are practicing yoga.
You are your yoga, the physical practice of Yoga Asana (yoga poses) is simply a tool to help you along your way!
So that's where I come in. I want to teach you how to use these tools for yourself! A lot of yoga instruction can be linear in spirit; straightforward, with little room for personal expression.  But this is about yoga for everybody. Every body, regardless of shape, natures predispositions, gender, age, weight, experience level, emotional baggage or self-doubt. Through the practice of yoga and the study of the breath/body connection, I have changed my own body and life. I know with the tools of yoga, you can do the same! Even if you never touch your toes, or stand on your head, you will quickly notice the benefit of simply loving and caring for your body, and your mind.
As I prepare for the next few months ahead, I feel a sense of abundance and faith in the Universe. Being surrounded by such positivity has been grounding and inspiring. For every person that reads my blog, or like the Facebook page, know that I come bringing sincere love and adoration. Thank you truly, for your support, and know that in sharing yoga with you and others I am getting to live my yoga. You are giving me the gift of fulfillment, and for that I am grateful.
Be well, and Namaste, Eliza

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