Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sack lunch #2: grab and go

Ran late to work this morning, so I didn't get to make a proper lunch (oh nos!) but I still managed to snag some essential tidbits from the fridge on my way out:

- Thermos of organic coffee with cream and sugar for the train ride to work. I seldom drink coffee, or caffine at all really, but once in a while I like a good cup.

- Pineapple flavored Chobani greek yogurt, which tastes like pina colada, I kid you not. It's delicious.

- Coconut juice, with pulp. One of my favorite "after yoga" treats, but a little spendy so I only buy them occasionally. 

- Leftover Mediterranean orzo salad from Whole Foods. I'm snacking on the last of it right now. :)
Like I said, nothing to thrilling. But there ya go!
later gater,

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